Cardholders Card Benefits

Debit cards, Prepaid cards and Credit cards.

Hallmark Prepaid offers a variety of benefits to both companies and cardholders that are possible through the use of partnership with major credit issuers such as MasterCard and Visa as well as utilizing a payment platform which is unique within the industry.

We offer a wide array of benefits to the business owners such as:

  • Reduced costs associated with payroll
  • Commission payment structure
  • Partnerships with Cobranded agencies
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Generate New Customers
  • Lowering acquisition Rates
  • Free marketing on cobranded cards
  • Remittance Programs
  • Allows Commissions to be earned

We also offer a broad range of benefits to cardholders as well which include:

  • Instant access to cash
  • Cards can be used for payments at many retail establishments
  • Use at ATM’s around the globe

We offer a platform using cobranded debit cards, prepaid cards and credit cards as well as turnkey white label programs, payment integration and software options as well as turnkey payment solutions for business owners and consumers.

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