Insurance Payouts worldwide

Insurance payouts through Cobranded Card Programs

Hallmark Prepaid offers insurance payout solutions to our clients through the use of our cobranded debit card programs, turnkey payment processing options and white label programs. Our clientele includes organizations and companies in Latin America, Europe, Asia.

“We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Hallmark Prepaid for the work they are doing for us. It has been a great deal for us to partner with Hallmark. We had other offers as well before we started but their Global Payout Platform simply beats any competition on the market with their low fees and variety of tools for us to manage it…” R.Patwari, Easy Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Cobranded debit card programs, turnkey payment processing options

We have effective and efficient turnkey solutions which allow our clients to share in the amount of revenue created through the use of our payment platforms. The white label programs we offer are sophisticated and will ensure the best marketing strategies possible.

Our Turnkey solutions have the following features:

  • $1,000,000 in insurance protection for online transactions
  • Advanced security protection through the use of a dedicated hosting platform
  • Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Unlimited Service Upgrades
  • Online banking
  • Online Payment Processing

The popularity of cobranded debit cards are growing more and more popular as businesses begin to understand the benefits that cobranded cards have to offer. Our cobranded card programs offer a partnership between business, card issuers and financial organizations. Cobranded cards will contain the logo or URL of the business as well as a Visa or MasterCard logo which can aid in brand promotion and marketing. We offer these programs for clients around the globe and have proven beneficial to both cardholders and business around the globe.

Features of our co-branded card programs:

  • Payment Processing
  • Complete Software Systems
  • Dedicated BIN’s
  • Customized cards with company logo
  • Dedicated bank Account
  • Online Banking System

We are experts in the field with the ability to provide you with effective and efficient solutions for insurance companies who which to simplify the payout process. Our cobranded cards are able to be used worldwide and allow clients to quickly access cash as well as secure wallet and e-wallet functions. Our programs are able to reduce the amount of both time and money which insurance companies spend on payouts.

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