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Payroll payout services

Our insurance payout solutions offer a feasible and effective solution to insurance companies when it comes to payout programs. A insurance company once asked us what the best option is to use for payroll payout services, for a large employee base which is located both nationally and internationally. The program which we suggested for them is our MasterCard prepaid program which would allow a MasterCard to be distributed to each employee and would be valid for two years.

“These cards meet our high criteria and we are happy about it. It was seamlessly added in our mainstream services and we hear only positive feedbacks from our clients” G. Giordano, OMP Assicurazione.

These cards are accepted globally and provide employees with access to quick cash which is secured through plastic as well as e-wallet which allows virtual online transactions. This company realized the benefits of this program and has implemented our services and saving considerable sums of money and human efforts by our optimized card payout services.

We are a leader in the industry for services such as white label programs, cobranded prepaid cards, payment integration platforms, insurance payouts and prepaid card programs. We specifically design programs based on the needs of our clients and allow them to share the revenue streams generated.

Our white label programs include features such as:

  • Unlimited Software Upgrades
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Online Banking Platform
  • SMS services and Mobile Payments
  • Advanced Security Protection

The concept of cobranded prepaid card programs is gaining global popularity as more and more businesses understand the benefits that these programs have to offer to their company or organization. Basically, cobranding allows you to form a partnership between your business, card issuers and financial organizations such as Visa & MasterCard.

The prominent brand on cobranded cards is your company or business; for this reason, co-branded card programs work as an advertising and marketing tool. When you combine this with the Visa or MasterCard logo your business will receive advertising prospects at global locations where Visa & MasterCard are accepted. You will gain exposure at the many locations where your companies co-branded cards are accepted and used.

Features of our Cobranded Debit Cards:

  • Solutions for Un-banked clients
  • Dedicated BIN (Bank Identification Number)
  • Dedicated Account
  • Customizable Cards with Unique Company Designs
  • Easy to Use Interface

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