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Forex payouts with Cobranded Cards

Hallmark Prepaid is one of the leaders in cobranded debit card industry and offers smart cobranded credit and debit card programs around the globe. We aim to provide the best quality service and products to our clients and specialize in Forex payouts, incentives and dividends. The Forex market is one of the biggest liquid forms within the financial market.

“Credit card program provided by Hallmark Prepaid decreased our expenses and increased the effectiveness of our business. We are also using those cards as a marketing tool since they have our logo and company name and the effect is quite noticeable” S.Hotaki, Akamai and Partners Ltd.”

We are experts in the following areas:

  • Non-Reloadable Cards
  • Reloadable Cards
  • Easy Access to Active Cards
  • Un-embossed Cards
  • Embossed Cards
  • Instant Use Cards
  • Multi-branded Cards
  • White label Cards
  • Personalized cards
  • Non personalized Cards

Co Branded Debit Cards and Co branded Credit Cards

Our cobranded debit cards are designed to save time and money for consumers and help to promote the company brand while also simplifying the payroll and payout processes. Our co-branded cards can also help to ensure smooth functioning and help to lower the expenses of companies in regards to payroll and payout expenses.
Our cobranded cards help with marketing as well by promoting the brand image which can help to expand the client base and help to enhance the market shares of your company as well as increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

We work with major logos such as MasterCard and Visa because they offer worldwide acceptance and help to increase the reputation of your business. For this reason companies which utilize our services will benefit through brand loyalty of these well-known globally accepted logos.

We have a platform for Forex and MLM platforms which help to increase the customer service level and raise the level of customer satisfaction. We have all of the licenses required in order to manage your deposit operations and provide a cost effective solution which is easy to use.

Because online money transactions do involve risk, we offer security options which keep this risk in mind as well as provide a platform which uses sophisticated security measures to ensure online transaction protection. Insurance up to $1,000,000 is offered in order to protect our clients online transactions.

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