Foreign Exchange

Hallmark Prepaid is one of the leading providers of closed loop co-branded prepaid card programs in Forex industry and also offer prepaid card programs to global clients to meet a wide variety of varying client needs. Our prepaid card programs offer a worry and hassle free solution to many companies and organizations worldwide.

“After switching to Hallmark Prepaid platform a few years ago we still see additional increase in new clients regardless of our existing marketing plans. It is also very flexible solution, reliable and customizable. We still add new options to our co-branded cards like sub co-branding for our local agents and most of our clients prefer them more than our other payout options. Thumbs up, this service is incredible for our business!” E.Montano, iForex Sistemas Diversificados S.A.

We also offer Forex payouts and incentives and dividends because this is one of the biggest liquid forms currently on the financial market both locally and globally creating the need to exchange foreign currencies. While implementing our services you can deposit and withdraw money from anywhere around the world. Prepaid card programs can be used by Forex brokers. Out MasterCard services vary in size according to the needs of the company; therefore, we have a wide range of co-branded cards that offer the following:

  • White labeled Cards
  • Pre-loadable Cards
  • Multi Branded Cards
  • Non-Reloadable and Reloadable Cards
  • Instant Issue Cards
  • Pre-Activated Cards
  • Personalized Cards
  • Embossed Cards
  • Zero Balance Cards
  • Non-Embossed Cards

You can save both time and money through the use of cobranded card programs such as ours. Without cards the branding of your company can be enhanced and easily used within both internal and external functions of your company. With the use of our co-branded cards the process of Forex payments is quick and easy!

Our cobranded cards help to increase the ability of Forex companies by enhancing market shares, generating revenue and increasing customer loyalty. The use of cobranding is a partnership between financial corporations, businesses and major card suppliers such as MasterCard and Visa. Forex companies have come to understand that by accepting cobranded cards they can increase their customer base and also help to decrease payout costs.

We offer a broad range of Visa and MasterCard branded cards which encourage brand loyalty and reputed within the prepaid card market. One of the reasons why these cobranded cards are so popular is because they provide a safe and secure method of carrying out online transactions. For this reason, companies who partner with Visa and MasterCard have an edge in the prepaid card industry.

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