Financial Payments

We provide co-branded debit card programs which offer financial assistance to a variety of global companies in many different sectors. We are meant to benefit both companies and cardholders. We can be used to offer financial assistance and can also help to save money when it comes to payout and payroll programs.
Our partnership with MasterCard and Visa help to maximize the business opportunities available while also helping to save resources and lower the amount of bank charges. Our generic debit card program can benefit financial firms through the distribution of funds and can also help to assist in minimizing the hassle of payment related processes.
We offer a variety of payment integration services, turnkey solutions and white label programs to clients around the globe which provides them with the ability to merge their business platforms which can assist in expanding the spectrum of customers worldwide.

Some of the programs we specialize:

  • Maximum visibility of brand through our cobranded card programs
  • Cobranded customized cards per clients specifications
  • Generic card programs which satisfy the requirements of the customer
  • Solutions for unbanked clients
  • Maximum exposure through the use of white label programs
  • Payment integration
  • Software programs

Services Offered:

  • Micro Loans
  • Benefit Payout Applications
  • Pension Payouts
  • Membership Based affiliation Programs

Our financial services help financial companies to minimize expenses due to the payout schemes offered. Our microloans are available to globally based financial institutions that are unable to build structures that cost a lot of money; therefore, our cobranded cards help these companies to reduces the operational costs associated with these services.