Hallmark Prepaid co-branded card wholesale limits and fees (USD):

Minimum Load    0,10

Maximum Daily Load      10 000,00

Maximum amount of ATM/POS transactions per month 90

Admin load fee  0.01

Load by local bank deposit 0.00

Load by credit card 0.45% + 0.15

Local ATM withdrawal – 0.08

International ATM withdrawal – 0.18

POS – 0.08

International POS transaction – 0.08

Card monthly fee – 0.16 (applicable to cards with sufficient balance)

ATM balance inquiry – 0.00

POS balance inquiry – 0.00

Prepaid cardsOct 16, 10 years ago
Payment Processing Companies
Payment processing solutions cobranded card services Multi-branded debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards Payment processing companies transfer funds from businesses to customers and customers to business as needed. One of the main benefits of ...
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co-braned cardsOct 16, 11 years ago
Case Studies – most popular
Cobranded Card program solutions Most Popular Case Studies Request: A small company in South Africa needed between 1500 and 1700 co-branded cards in order to make their payroll a more proficient, fast and cost effective. Service provided: We supplied...
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