Complex and turnkey programs

Turnkey Programs and Solutions

Payment platforms – cobranded debit card programs

We offer a variety of white label turnkey solutions which allow business partners to share revenue which is generated from a variety of different payment platforms. This does not require partners to manage the business actively nor do they need to build an infrastructure or hire staff to perform these tasks because all systems which are essential are already set in place.

Our White Label Turnkey Solutions offer many benefits such as:

  • Payment processing Platform for Online Businesses
  • SSL Protection for processing online transactions
  • Advanced Security Protection
  • Software and Service Upgrades are Unlimited
  • Turnkey Web Design Packages to Maximize brand Exposure
  • All licenses to manage Financial Operations Included
  • More than 800 worldwide mobile networks
  • SMS service
  • Mobile Notification Options
  • Visa or MasterCard Prepaid Card Logos
  • Management & Administrative teams to assist and trouble shoot
  • Client support Systems

By taking advantage of our cobranded debit card programs you can simplify your business through the use of plug and play solutions which allow you to focus your valuable time and attention on important things like expanding your business!

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