Customized and Turnkey Platforms for Global Payouts

Co Branded Prepaid cards

Customized and Turnkey Platforms for Global Payouts

We provide specialized Forex and MLM services to a variety of business to help raise tier current level of customer service and satisfaction. We maintain the licenses required to help manage the

“Hallmark Prepaid Customized Platforms for Global Payouts are chosen by hundreds of clients in over 25 countries, including major travel, forex and multi-level marketing companies”

operations and deposits. In order to help promote long term relationships with customer and help to strengthen the loyalty of customers we offer a cost effective and easy online banking and payment program to our clients for Customized and Turnkey Platforms. Our platform operates in over 195 countries and processes hundreds of globally accepted payment options including but not limited to DirectPay EU, iDeal, Snapcard, GiroPay, YellowPay, DirectPay US, PagosBancarios, Online Check (ACH), TaiwanPay, Korean Debit, Euro Debit, China Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Diners Club, BCcard, Pulse, UnionPay and others.

Due to the increase of cyber-crimes there is a risk which is associated with online transactions which needs to be considered. We offer a hosting platform which is dedicated and sophisticated security that helps to ensure that all financial transactions which occur online are safe and secure. We offer $1,000,000 in protection for online transactions to our clients.

We also have turnkey solutions which help to improve brand exposure of our clients which help to enable business partners to share in the streams of revenue and generate payment solution platforms. Businesses do not have to manage infrastructure and hiring staff because we provide these services for you.

We currently have agreements with over 1000 mobile networks around the world and offer mobile payment options as well as SMS services which helps to simplify the processes associated with transactions. Our cobranded prepaid card programs have become more and more popular due to the multiple advantages which they have to offer. Your company brand is featured on the card and helps to play a role in marketing as a co-branding partner.

We offer a committed and dedicated client support system which uses live chat, emails and phone assistance to help ensure that the optimal level of customer service is achieved. Our experienced administration is qualified and helps to ensure that the process goes smoothly and all phases of the process are as painless as possible.

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