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Request: A small company in South Africa needed between 1500 and 1700 co-branded cards in order to make their payroll a more proficient, fast and cost effective.
Service provided: We supplied prepaid cards to the employees of the company as well as integration for management of fund distribution within this training. The solution offered instant fund transfers to prepaid cobranded cards. Due to this the company is now able to save a considerable amount of funds because of the low fees associated with reloading and transactions. Also, the cardholder can access their funds from a variety of ATM locations and use them both locally and online. The company also has a control panel which can be used now to monitor and track all transactions.

Credit card programs – Debit card programs


Request: A North American company required prepaid card options as a way to handle payroll.
Service provided: We provided the company with MasterCard’s which were prepaid cards and then handed them out to the affiliates of the company. Even though the company experienced a small volume of transactions and turnovers they noticed the savings right away in comparison with earlier bank statements. The company was also provided with monitoring of transactions and monitoring. Each cardholder has free online access so that they can view their history and transactions.


Request: An ewallet company based in Europe (France) needed more than 25000 cards for all of their current members.
Services provided: We provided a turnkey solution to the company which included licenses, dedicated cobranded MasterCard’s which are designed with the company brand as well as provided four offshore business bank accounts for their clients’ funds. Full white label banking suites were designed including the creation of dedicated hosting that included full protection. The company is now able to partake in the streams of revenue through fees such as card issue fees, activation fees and monthly service fees as well as fees associated with card loading and reloading.

Foreign Exchange Fees

Request: A multi-level marketing company based in Singapore with distributors and operations around the world needed a solution that would optimize payouts in a variety of different curacies to employees which are based internationally that would help to reduce the amount of foreign money conversion fees.
Service provided: We offered a debit card program that allowed the conversion fee to be waived that was able to be used for any type of currency depending on the ATM without charging the company a fee for conversion. This solution offers a benefit both to the cardholder as well as to the company and has allowed for satisfaction with cardholders an well as removed the fees associated with these type of transactions.

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