Advertise with Hallmark Prepaid

Advertise with Hallmark Prepaid.

Hallmark Prepaid offers unique marketing and advertising solutions for its clients through online and offline media sources and existing Hallmark Prepaid partners. If you want to reach almost 2 million targeted audience (cardholders – 25 to 55 y.o. independent individuals, clients – existing business owners, directors and CEOs) – contact us in order to arrange a special offer for your marketing needs.

card programsOct 18, 5 years ago
Customized Card Programs and Prepaid Card Programs
Customized Card Programs  Improve Customer Loyalty with Co Branded Cards Co-branded cards and Card programs, companies increase customer loyalty Hallmark Cobranded cards provide customized co-branded card programs to its customers. Customized co-bra...
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co-braned cardsOct 16, 11 years ago
Case Studies – most popular
Cobranded Card program solutions Most Popular Case Studies Request: A small company in South Africa needed between 1500 and 1700 co-branded cards in order to make their payroll a more proficient, fast and cost effective. Service provided: We supplied...
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